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The Never Ending Paint Pot! Starter Pack

Mucky Knees Gift Boutique

Normale prijs £6.99

Inclusief belasting. Verzendkosten worden berekend bij het afrekenen.

This non-toxic, vegan friendly, gluten & wheat free paint comes in a variety of vibrant colours!

This kit includes one Never Ending Paint Pot and a jumbo pack of powdered paint in the colour of your choice. Simply mix up the paint in the pot and refill as required. See our blog for the full instructions.

Rather than constantly buying new pots we offer refills in fully biodegradable packaging. Re-filling your glass pot means less waste, less manufacturing, less emissions and less expense!

This 200g pack makes 270ml of paint when mixed in line with our instructions. That's enough paint for plenty of masterpieces!

Paint brushes & filled paint pots aren't included.