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Children's Incentive Jar

Mucky Knees Gift Boutique

Normale prijs £16.99

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Welcome to the Bank of Good Deeds!

Children of all ages can learn the value of good behaviour and the virtue of patience while improving their math skills.

Set a 'price' on the new toy or trip to the cinema that your little one has their heart set on and let them earn coins through positive behaviour. Younger children can use the coins as simple tokens, while school age children will learn about denominations in line with UK currency. 

  • Help children understand the value of good behaviour
  • Understand the concept of patience as the end reward is not instant
  • Improves addition skills... and subtraction after being cheeky to mum!
  • Learn about the concept of value and money
  • Improves fine motor skills in younger children

Pack includes...

  • Glass jar with a choice of three coin slot lids
  • 25 piece wooden coin set in a variety of denominations
  • Eco friendly hessian coin bag

Extra coin bags available here!