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Craft Brush Mega Bundle: Pack of 15

Mucky Knees Gift Boutique

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This collection of 15 hog-hair paint brushes, is all your little artist will need for their craft odysseyWe've included a handy natural cotton storage bag as well as one of our little artist pin badges!

The two different tips types are easily identified, with the round brushes natural in colour and flat brushes a dyed black colour.

Plus to make each size easy to spot, they all have different coloured painted wooden handles or natural, with the number sizes and types of brush stamped into them.

  • 1x size 2 stencil brush
  • 1x size 4 stencil brush
  • 1x size 6 stencil brush
  • 1x paste/glue brush
  • 2x size 4 fine art brushes (one flat, one round)
  • 2x size 8 fine art brushes (one flat, one round)
  • 2x size 10 fine art brushes (one round, one flat)
  • 1x size 12 jumbo brushes (round)
  • 2x size 14 jumbo brushes (one flat, one round)
  • 2x size 18 jumbo brushes (one flat, one round)
  • Cotton storage bag
  • Little Artist pin badge

Brushes range from 16-23cm in length.

Never Ending Paint Pot, Magical Mix Chart and mixing pots not included.