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5Pcs set Japanese Wooden Dinnerware Set Cutlery Set Bamboo Fork Knife With Cloth Bag Kitchen Tools picnic travel camping outdoor


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Material: Bamboo

Careful selection of materials, hand-polished to let you and your family enjoy healthy food;

Easy to carry, clean and store.


Packing List:

1* 5 pcs/sets + 1* Cloth bag

 _4__0_4_2_32Pcs-Set-Bamboo-Straw-Organic-23cm-Eco-Friendly-Bamboo-Straw-Reusable-Drinking-Straws-with-Cleaner-Brush2Pcs-Set-Bamboo-Straw-Organic-23cm-Eco-Friendly-Bamboo-Straw-Reusable-Drinking-Straws-with-Cleaner-Brush (1)